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Our Story

Dr. Vivian Rankin is a retired Director of the Chicago School Home and Hospital program. Her husband William Rankin is a retired Chicago Principal.  When he was assigned to the 2nd to the lowest performing school in the 2nd to the lowest performing district, he often taught classes because it was difficult getting substitutes in the dangerous neighborhood.  Eighth graders scored at a 4th grade level, achievable by guessing.  The Rankins developed Holey Cards and William instituted daily practice at all grade levels.  In 5 years, arithmetic scores were at the national average and above in the 6th year.  His school went from 2nd to the lowest to 2nd to the highest in the district; exceeded only by an Academy that selected students.


To try to teach long division, equivalent fractions, square root, etc. to children who do not know arithmetic facts is to labor in vain.  To know facts and not applications is equally futile.  A balanced program of fact practice and concept understanding prepares students for success.


Holey Cards contain 100 facts from 0 to 9 in each operation. By popular demand, a second multiplication card is available with 12s.  The cards provide an individual program for each child and are especially good for classes with a wide ability span.  The goal for a special education child might be to complete the front side of the addition card in 5 minutes; an objective appropriate for an IEP.  Holey Cards make a five minute daily practice easy.  No preparation; self directed; quickly scored and they save money.  (Fold used pieces of paper, write answers on the back side and paper will cost nothing.)  

We hope that you will find them as useful as we did!

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