HOLEY CARDS were developed by Vivian and William Rankin, Chicago Public School teachers. Vivian was coordinator of the Home and Hospital Program for the schools and taught Special Education students of every category and ability level. William was assigned as principal of one of the lowest performing schools in the city.

These two put their heads (and needs) together and created the cards as a way to help their students master basic arithmetic facts, the foundation necessary for mathematical success. Within five years, scores at William's school went from 3 years below grade level to the national average. Vivian's special children showed outstanding achievement.

They began sharing their cards with colleagues and then decided to produce them commercially. Their venture on Avondale street (around the corner from their home), grew quickly into a major educational supply source for schools across the nation, and then internationally.

Vivian and William retired after each served 35 years in the schools. They now devote their attention to the business of providing these useful cards to teachers everywhere.

Holey Cards

Holey Cards accepts on-line orders and we provide a downloadable order form for those interested in purchasing Holey Cards.

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